The Sound of Autumn

Autumn is come!
Though not visible
So clearly to the eyes,
One knows it by the sound
Of the wind as it blows.

~poem from Zen and Japanese Culture by D.T. Suzuki

Autumn takes its sweet time coming to the Sonoran Desert.  These pictures were taken yesterday by the creek.  With leaves gently rustling in the breeze, it felt like autumn, even though there was just a whisper of golden color on the trees.


tom sullivan said...

Nice! I see that your copy of Suzuki's book has arrived.

BTW, I've been seeing and hearing Phainopepla lately - another sign of Fall/Winter.

Tracy said...

I can hear it!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

You've captured it so well in these shots. Beautifully shot.

betchai said...

love the poem you shared Diane, and the photos too, fascinating landscape in the first picture. and that alone yellow leaf in the third speaks so much depth.

Dani said...

extraordinary. I can hear it too.

Boonie S said...

Great photos. I enjoyed the poem too.
We don’t have autumn here. It was always my favourite season when I lived elsewhere. But I never cared for the cold that followed.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Magpie said...

Great photos...I love the lone yellow leaf also. We have to pay close attention to the subtlety and nuances of fall here in the desert southwest...or we might miss it.

EG Wow said...

I very much like the Zen poem that accompanies your photos. Great choice!

Pete said...

such inviting photos.. great post