Nazuna's English name is Shepherd's Purse.

DSC_2896.JPG image by autan

Yoku mireba
Nazuna hana saku,
Kakine kana.
When closely inspected,
The nazuna is flowering
By the hedge.

Basho's attention was first awakened by something white by the roadside.  Wondering, he approached, and carefully examined it, and discovered that it was the flowering nazuna, ordinarily unnoticed by most passers-by.  The discovery must have called up a variety of feelings, on which he is not at all explicit in his seventeen syllables.  He leaves the pleasure of discovery and appreciation to the readers.

~from Zen and Japanese Culture by D.T. Suzuki


***Icy BC said...

Something to think about today! Very beautiful little flower..

Pete said...

wow DOf and photo as a whole

Diane AZ said...

Thanks, the photo's not mine, it's from the creative commons at flickr.com.

Magpie said...

There are depths to see and feel in the simplest of things. Nature has so much to offer.

sweetmemoirs said...

simply beautiful!

Evelyn said...

Really beautiful photos here...