Aloe in the garden

Be Surprised
Every moment is a surprise.

Everything that happens is a surprise.
Every experience is fresh.

Events are not your ideas about them.
Meet the world without expectations.

Enjoy being surprised!

This you will learn sitting quietly.

~from Buddha in Blue Jeans:
An Extremely Short Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly
by Tai Sheridan


TexWisGirl said...


turquoisemoon said...

I like this...I've never read Buddha in Blue Jeans. I think I'll have to read it!

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Nat said...

Wise words :-)

lifeisaroadtrip said...

Love love LOVE it. Thanks for introducing me to some cool books and stuff.

betchai said...

love the words, and the pictures, indeed, it is so joyful to be surprised, what would surprise me tomorrow? can't wait :)

Icy BC said...

This is beautiful, Diane! I grab quiet moment as much as I can nowadays!

PhotoOnly said...

Simply amazing.. I really like your blog

siga said...

The book sounds interesting ;) But that flower really surprising! Very interesting and beautiful colors