excerpts from writings by Wei Wu Wei...

Returning Sentience to Its Source

Cease listening to what is being heard,
Listen to what is hearing instead!
Then listening will become what is hearing,
And hearing will be what is heard.

Cease looking at what is being seen,
Look at what is seeing instead!
Then looking will become what is seeing,
And seeing will be what is seen.

Cease seeking the sought of the seeker,
Seek what is seeking instead!
Then seeking will become what is searching,
And searching will be what is sought.

Cease cognising what is objective,
Turn sentience back on itself!
Cognising will become what is cognising,
And perceiving will be the perceived.

Leave sound unheard,
And "hearing" hear instead,
For hearing lives,
But sound, as such, is dead.

-from Posthumous Pieces by Wei Wu Wei

Cease looking at objects as events apart from ourselves.
Know them at their source...which is our perceiving of them.

~ from Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei


betchai said...

really beautiful thoughts to ponder Diane, and your bird shots are awesome.

Tracy said...

Your photos are always so lovely, and you find such beautiful words to go with them.

Magpie said...

Beautiful photos. The words are very deep and as always thought-provoking.

Pete said...

great post

tom sullivan said...

Thanks for the pointers to "THIS"

Amin said...

Wonderful post!