From Love's Quiet Revolution by Scott Kiloby:

Notice that you are living in a radiant mystery called life.  And then notice that the words "radiant," "mystery," and "life" do not even come close to truly describing the brilliance and ordinariness of it.  Notice that they are just thoughts pointing to an actuality all around you, and within you. Notice that you are not separate from that actuality.

Notice that life is a symphony of sights, sounds, smells, sensations, thoughts, feelings, states, and experiences.  Notice that the beautiful music of this symphony can only be fully realized when there is no self pretending to be the conductor.

Notice how beautiful and big, and yet how empty, the space around you is when you go outside.  It never ends.  It embraces you.

Notice that this space is who you are.  It is within you.  It is you.  ~ Scott Kiloby


Thendral said...

the words and the pictures you post for it are apt. All the pictures are fine. I love the bird. very beautiful!

betchai said...

oh Diane, your pictures and words bring so much smile to my day, what an inspiration to see them. i always love your desert landscape pictures and that bird shot is awesome.

siga said...

Now I need to get that book ;)