No problem

"Thoughts are not necessarily a distraction. Nor is the body. Thoughts are arising in this present awareness and dissolving back into it. The silence remains untouched, unstained, immaculate. Thoughts are only a problem if you are preoccupied with them, giving them all your attention, believing in the entity of "me" around which the thoughts swirl. But thoughts in and of themselves are not some kind of enemy. Thoughts can be very useful, functional, and even entertaining. They are allowed in this vast clearing. No problem" ~Catherine Ingram


Pete said...

great photo and post as a whole

Colleen Loehr said...

Terrific words from Catherine Ingram- thoughts are not a problem; it is in fact only thought that says that thought is a problem. Silence has room for everything without judgment. Funny, when I give the mind "permission" to think to its heart's content...it tends to quiet down. When I tell myself to quit having a zillion thoughts, the mind is noisier.
Beautiful photo- thanks very much Diane.