Already Here

"Actually, all paths lead away from the truth...how's that? All paths. There's no such thing as a path to the truth. The truth's already here, where are you going?" ~Adyashanti

From the YouTube video, "Adyashanti - The Enlightened Shoe"


Colleen Loehr said...

Whoa! This Adyashanti quote stops me in my tracks...Thanks for posting it, and the link to the YouTube video, which I will watch now.

Darla said...

I listened to that vid a few weeks ago and it brought such a huge smile to my face!

A few years ago, I found Adyashanti very difficult to listen to. Recently, however, suddenly I resonate to his words and understand on a certain level the meaning, his knowing.

I enjoy how each of us can grow and change, almost imperceptibly...